My name is Neeley Luna and I am a musician who started off as a singer at the age of four. As a kid, I had a hard time learning to read and the only thing that helped resolve it was my grandmother's karaoke machine. I grew up young singing mostly Johnny Cash ,Patsy Cline, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston,and Beyoncé. My family saw something in me and believed that I could make a career out of my talent so at age 7 I signed up for vocal, piano and guitar lessons. Throughout my childhood I was in singing competitions locally to build up my confidence. I was a contestant twice in Jeffrey Osbourne’s Celebrity Classic show at both Foxwoods and Twin River Casino where I was judged by Smokey Robinson and season one winner of The Voice Javier Colon. I won Wally’s Idol last year 2022 and was runner up in a competition at Infinity Music Hall in Connecticut. I started gigging solo at age 17 and haven’t stopped since. I even got the opportunity to open the show for John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band at the Kowloon in Saugus of 2021 with my guitarist Mark Clement. In 2017, I started taking my music career seriously because  I was accepted into Berklee College of Music where I completed two years. The experience truly changed my life vocally and I’m grateful I have the tools to benefit from as I go forward in my journey as a musician. After taking a break from school, I got the amazing opportunity to work with my amazing band “The Far”. These guys transformed me into the artist I’ve always wanted to be but didn’t know I could be. Taking me out of my comfort zone I can now say I am a musician that can do it ALL. Being able to sing any genre is not something that every musician can do so I can say that’s something special about me as an artist. Now, I’m performing all over with my band and we are one of the best bands around. Music has consumed my life and I’ve worked extremely hard to be where I am today. I have an amazing following and my future goals are very big. American Idol is the next step for me whether it’s now or two years from now. I’m ready to show Massachusetts has talent. I’m truly proud of the artist I’m becoming & I’m excited to see what music has in store for me.